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What is the Norma AEB 43

Cuaderno or Norma 43 is one of the standards defined by the Asociación Española de la Banca (AEB) and it is used to transmit bank statements. This is the standard used by most spanish banks to provide bank reconciliation in digital format.<

The standard consists of a file that follows a format defined by the AEB and that has several type of registry: initial balance, movements and final balance. With this file we can have one or several statements from one or several accounts. Many ERPs have a direct import feature for this kind of files.

You can download the complete specification of the file here (Spanish).


2017/01 - Bugfix with files without line breaks.

2017/01 - English translation.

2017/11 - Bugfix on bank account number parsing.

2018/05 - Translated results.

2018/06 - Conversion to excel. BOM compatibility. - Contact